Gion festival in kyoto


Summer in 2023 is just around the corner!
Speaking of Summer in Kyoto, it is the Gion Festival for us.

Ochigo San has been already chosen and the Gion festival will be held starting on July 01 and will last for a month.(Ochigo San is a boy taking an important ritual role who gets in the leading float called Naginataboko, cuts a sacred straw rope with a sword, and makes a sentence of starting a procession, a parade of floats on the street as a divine messenger.)



We have provided a detailed explanation of the Gion festival three times on KOTO’s blogs before. Please feel free to refer to the below links.

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We will introduce you to the pleasure of the Gion Festival for the children living in Kyoto this time.

For those of us who were born and grew up in Kyoto,

the most enjoyable parts of the Gion Festival are definitely two days (July 14 and July 15), which are called Yoiyoiyama and Yoiyama, leading up to the main procession on July 17.

 During three days, known as Yoiyoiyoiyama, Yoiyoiyama, and Yoiyama respectively before each highlight of the Gion Festival, or the float procession on July 17 and July 24, is like the so-called, eve.

The streets turn into pedestrian precincts in the evening and there are many street stands where you can feel the cheerful festival atmosphere. 



As you watch the floats lined up on the streets, you also enjoy listening to the live music played by Japanese instruments called Ohayashi and seeing inside the floats, however, the most pleasurable thing for children is the street stalls.

These stalls offer a variety of treats such as Ringo Ame or an apple coated in candy, shaved ice, and cotton candy. Additionally, they also enjoy other exciting stalls such as a yo-yo (balloon) fishing in the water, scooping goldfish with a paper net, target shooting, and balloons that a festival can offer.



It is customary for us in Kyoto to wear Yukata and Jinbei when attending Yoiyama of the Gion Festival. 
Yukata and Jinbei were always essential at fireworks and festivals such as Gion Festival, especially during our childhood.

When Summer came, we were really looking forward to my mother making us wear Yukata or Jinbei. 


By the way, "Yukata" are casual clothes for the summer season, similar to “KIMONO”. Meanwhile, Jinbei or Jinbee is Japanese-style home wear worn by males and children.

Why not go out to a festival in Yukata or Jinbei? 
We are sure that you will enjoy the festival in them even more.

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