Private Mindfulness Tour: Experience Zen in Kyoto!

This private VIP tour gives you an insider view of the beautiful Arashiyama area. You will visit the world-famous Bamboo Forest, stroll through the quiet neighborhoods of Saga Arashiyama, followed by exclusive access into one of the most intriguing temples in the area.

Exclusive access means you will enter a typically inaccessible temple. It will be only you and your guide. Your temple visit will include a tea ceremony and a Zen meditation session with an actual Zen Buddhist priest.

Your certified guide will be there to bridge the gap and allow you to ask in-depth questions about the meaning behind Buddhism, Zen, and Kyoto itself.

Your tour continues and takes you to a scenic path and a centuries-old restaurant. Here you can reflect on the day and sit down to the sound of water and nature as you indulge in Kyoto cuisine at its finest.

This once in a lifetime experience is sure to be your highlight of not just Kyoto but Japan.

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