Gion Matsuri(festival) vol.3


Hello everyone, this is KOTO Kyoto.

In mid-July, Kyoto is hit by the humid heat as usual. Because Kyoto is a basin, so it is hot in summer and cold in winter.
If you will come to Kyoto, please don’t forget to protect yourself from cold and hot!

Now, the Gion Matsuri celebrated the Yamahoko float procession day on 17th July. Unfortunately, they couldn't it this year due to the influence of a pandemic.
Do you know what means “Yamahoko float procession” is?
Many people think that the Yamahoko float procession is the highlight of the Gion Festival, but the real highlight is yet to come.


The Yamahokofloat procession loads the evil spirits in the city into the floats and exterminates the evil spirits.
Therefore, after them, the Yamahoko floats are dismantled immediately to eliminate the evil immediately



And then, from Yasaka Jinja Shrine, the gods are seated on three Mikoshi (portable shrines) who will come around to the Otabisho in the city.



Men assists carrying a portable shrine on their shoulders. And they will return to Yasaka Shrine from Otabisho a week later.

If you will come to Gion Matsuri, we recommend a look at the portable shrine.

Next time, we will introduce the festival after the Gion Matsuri.
See you later!