Belts (Obi)

Traditional Japanese kimono belts or sashes (obi) are works of incredible beauty and grace. We collaborated with Kyoto-based artisans to create a practical reinterpretation of these exquisite and intricate Japanese accessories that could be used with everyday outfits.  


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Cute bracelets made from beautiful Japanese kimono fabric. Each has three spheres that represent family, friendship, and love. Some believe that once tied to your wrist, they may also bring you luck.

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Coin Purses (Gamaguchi)

The elegance of gamaguchi (Japanese coin purses) catches the heart of anyone who sees them. "Gamaguchi" means a frog's mouth and refers to its unique shape. These purses offer a wide opening for convenient access to their compartments and close with a single gesture.

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We incorporated ancient Japanese motifs into cute earrings and piercings. These auspicious designs and colors combine traditional elegance with modern style. We currently offer two types: (i) solid circles made from Kimono fabric and (ii) see-through type made with brass and acrylic.

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When you think of traditional Japanese fashion, images of impossibly elaborate and gorgeous kimono may come to mind. These are not only out of reach for most people, but impractical for daily life.

However, we offer a range of accessories that carry the same grace and beauty including bracelets, belts & sashes (Obi), coin purses (Gamaguchi), earrings, necklaces, wrapping cloths (Furoshiki), and UV parasols (Higasa).

Now you can take a little magic from Japan's ancient capital with you in your daily life! 

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We would like to introduce foods and all made in Japan which are with no additives and pesticides.

 WASYOKU ( Japanese cook) is known for being one of the most balanced and healthy cook in the world, an important part of the characteristic longevity of the Japanese. Since December 2013 it has been included in the oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

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JETRO Belts & Sashes (Obi)

The Obi belts proposed by us were specially created by a Japanese laboratory on the classic image of the obi, with the idea of being able to use them on everyday clothing. A practical reinterpretation of these beautiful but complex Japanese accessories.  

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JETRO Bracelets

Cute bracelets made using fabric from beautiful traditional Japanese kimonos. Their three spheres represent family, friendship, and love. Once tied to your wrist, they will also bring you luck.

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Description of this product

Collaboration with kimono designer in Kyoto. We  reproduced the pattern which was originally used for KIMONO as a scarf as it is. Change the color as it is, keep changing the pattern, easy to coordinate even for clothes change. It is a scarf made of pure Japanese finished in design (Japan kyoto)from fabric and dyeing.

Dimension of this product


Approximate H=100cm, W=100cm.

Materials of this product


ATTENTION : Be careful of water and sweat because there is a risk of falling color. Please do not wash!

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Parasols (Higasa)

Shaped like an umbrella, parasols (higasa) are used to shield the carrier from the sun's harmful UV rays during the summer months. These portable sunshades also serve as stylish accessories that compliment both traditional and contemporary outfits.


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Wrapping Cloths (Furoshiki)

Furoshiki is a square cloth used to wrap and carry things. They have been used for hundreds of years in Japan. We combine furoshiki with bamboo handles so that they can be conveniently used as a bag.

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