Agrandir PROHERB EM Medicinal hair growth agent(150ml)

PROHERB EM Medicinal hair growth agent(150ml)


PROHERB EX Series are natural cosmetics formulating excellent ingredients,"E-E-complex",in addition to herb extracts and characteristic you can feel the excellence 


something you use every day, we've created a formulation that is gentle on the skin.Creates a scalp environment that allows hair to grow quickly and grows strong, sturdy hair.


[Efficacy (quasi-drug)]

Hair growth, thinning hair, itching, hair loss prevention, hair growth promotion, hair growth promotion, dandruff, prenatal/postnatal hair loss, hair growth

 Contains propolis extract and 12 types of botanical ingredients.

Contains royal jelly extract

Contains 40% chimpi extract (organic cultivation/limited to production area)


No fragrances or colorants

Contains 3 types of moisturizing ingredients (propolis extract, royal jelly extract, chimpi extract)

Active ingredients: ``Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate'' and ``Tamasakitsudurafu dialkaloid.''


【What is a quasi-drug?】

Quasi-drugs refer to products that contain active ingredients that are recognized to be effective in preventing and treating skin problems, and that can claim a certain level of efficacy.


Fournisseur: kotokyoto

PROHERB EM Medicinal hair growth agent(150ml)