Agrandir Hanayama Midium
Agrandir HANATAMA Medium
Agrandir HANATAMA Medium



Description of this product

Kado is a traditional Japanese art originating from the Heian period in which flowers and plants are specially arranged in a vase for appreciation.

It is also called Ikebana.

In Ikebana, flowers, grasses, trees, and all different kinds of plants are used.

In Ikebana, flowers and plants are pierced with a needle called a “kenzan”. The flower arrangements are then placed into a water absorbent sponge which is called an “oasis”.

This "HANATAMA" can be used instead of "KENZAN".

Arranging flowers as if you are putting them in your hair straight,diagonally,and from the side.It is created so that the receiving hole is directly under the input hole.

Dimension of this product

W9.6(3.78in) H7.1(2.80in)底幅8.0(3.15in) 周辺φ1.2(0.47in)トップφ1.8(0.70in)底φ1.8(0.70in)

Materials of this product


pottery soil

Fournisseur: kotokyoto

Hanayama Midium