Traditional Japanese New Year Dish: O-Sechi

Happy New Year! 

Traditional Japanese New Year Dish: Osechi

 Osechi is a festive dish eaten on New Year's Day. It's a big deal for many Japanese families, especially those whose members live in different cities for work or education. For some families, it's the only time during the year when they all gather in one place.

Traditional Japanese New Year Dish: Osechi

The New Year is considered an auspicious event to appease the Gods by thanking them for blessings received in the past year and wish for the same in the new year.

Part of this is offering Osechi cuisine to the Gods. It luxuriously incorporates both mountain and sea ingredients that represent fertility, safety, prosperity, and longevity.

Traditional Japanese New Year Dish: Osechi

Osechi dishes are packed in a container with several boxes called Jubako, which means to accumulate happiness. There are rules for what to pack for each stage, as each has meaning and conveys intent.

It's a little complicated, so I'll explain the meaning of each dish at another time! In the meantime, we will eat New Year's dishes and start working today!

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