Plum Blossom Festival in Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

this is KOTO KYOTO.

In Kyoto, the "plum blossoms" that bloom on the plum trees that make you feel the change of seasons from winter to spring are about to be in full bloom.

KOTO's neighborhood "Kitano Tenmangu Shrine" is also known as a famous place for plum blossoms


Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is the head shrine of approximately 12,000 Tenmangu Shrines and Tenjin shrines nationwide that enshrine Michizane Sugawara. It has long been known as "Kitano no Tenjin" and is widely worshiped as a shrine for entrance exams, academics, arts and culture, and disaster prevention.



The Plum Blossom Festival is held on February 25th.
The plum blossom festival is held on the anniversary of Lord Suga's death, and has a history of about 900 years. A special dish called "kodate", which is cooked on two large and small tables, and "kodate", which is a twig of white plum and red plum, are served in memory of the virtue of Imperial Prince Kan. At the commendation office, the brown rice used for Japanese paper is awarded as "yakuyoke brown rice".

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If you come to Kyoto in spring, please take a look at the plum blossoms!