To all families with daughters ~Why don't you have a Japanese-style celebration for children(only for girl's), "HINAMATSURI on March 3rd"? ~

this is KOTO KYOTO.

Today, we'd like to talk about the celebration of children.
In Japan, we have various celebrations according to the growth of children.

Among them, there are "HINAMATSURI" = "Momo no *Sekku( Girl's Festival)" on March 3rd and "Tango no Sekku( Children's Day) = Boy's Festival" on May 5th.  *Sekku is a seasonal festival,

Today, we'd like to briefly introduce HINAMATSURI.

We will introduce about Children's day (TANGONOSEKKU) on another occasion.

HINAMATSURI is the Girl's festival on March 3rd, a day to celebrate girls.
We pray for the healthy growth and happiness of girls.


Families with girls, they display beautiful traditional dolls called HINA dolls in their homes. HINA dolls are said to ward off misfortune and have the meaning of "substituting for daughters' illnesses and misfortunes."

HINA dolls symbolize the wedding of the Emperor and Empress, and they are displayed to wish for the health and happiness of the girls. Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress are dressed in Heian period costumes and are displayed on the altar.

Recently, there are many small HINA dolls.
If you have a daughter, why not decorate your home with HINA dolls and pray for her health and happiness?
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End then, "HINA Arare = Sweet rice crackers" is displayed, then we eat them at the day of Doll's Festival.

Hina-Arare have two types small sweet rice crackers that a sweet one is puffed rice (popped rice) coated with suger, and another one is small okaki (sweets made from glutinous rice) seasoned with salty soy sauce.

In Kyoto, we eat hina arare rice crackers.
Hina arare comes in pink, white, and green colors, and each color has its own meaning.

・White…Snow Country
・Green…Sprouts of trees

It is said that by eating these three-colored chicks, you will get natural energy and grow up healthy and strong.

There is also a custom to eat chirashizushi and amazake on the Hinamatsuri.



Chirashizushi is the most popular food during Hinamatsuri.
Chirashizushi is a traditional Japanese meal of vinegared rice topped with ingredients such as vegetables, thinly-baked eggs, and seafood.

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It's very simple, but I was able to introduce "Hinamatsuri", a girl's celebration.
Next time, I will introduce the Boys' Festival, so please look forward to it♪

Anyway, I sincerely hope that my children will grow up healthy and happy.