Happy New Year

Happy New year

 We were able to welcome the new year of 2024 safely.



On New Year's Day in Japan, families gather together to enjoy a meal called osechi-ryori.


“Osechi-ryori” is an auspicious dish that contains the strong wish that the whole family will live a healthy and happy life this year.


“Osechi-ryori” is a traditional custom of eating “osechi-ryori” together as a family on the third day of the New Year to pray for each other's health and longevity.




Along with “osechi-ryori”, there is also ozōni which is eaten during the New Year. The ingredients and taste vary depending on the region, but ozoni in Kyoto is made with white miso.



Actually, I love this white miso ozōni .



Although ozōni is a New Year's dish, there are several restaurants in Kyoto where you can enjoy white miso ozōni all year round. Please try it when you come to Kyoto.