SETSUBUN Festival 

this is KOTO KYOTO.

Today is SETSUBUN on 3rd Feb.

Setsubun (節分) is one of these traditional Japanese events. Setsubun involves a lot of bean eating and bean throwing to ward off evil spirits that bring disaster, misfortune and bad health and marks the end of winter. 

Setsubun literally means “division of seasons,” but now we Japanese call only the division of winter and spring “Setsubun,” and it usually falls on February 3. 

It all depends on where you’re from or you currently live, but on Setsubun day, people normally do Mame-maki, or throw roasted soy beans inside and outside our houses while saying, “Goblins, get out! Happiness, come on in!” Then we eat the remaining beans as many as our own age.

Many people eat Sushi-roll called “Ehomaki”, too, and we’re supposed to eat it while facing the lucky direction of the year.
By the way, the direction of this year (2023) is south-southeast and slightly south.

Also, some people eat grilled sardine and decorate its head with a holly branch outside their front door.All is meant to wish for good health and happiness and to keep away bad luck.

You can easily celebrate Setsubun at home.
Please try it!