A seasonal change of Kimono

 Hello everyone, this is “KOTO Kyoto”.

Since the beginning of June, it got hot all of a sudden in Kyoto Japan.
The Japanese summer is hot and humid, especially Kyoto is particularly hot because this area forms a basin.


We talked about a seasonal change of Kimono last time, we introduce the seasonal change of Obi that is indispensable for us to wear a Kimono this time.


The Obi is divided into two seasons, one for summer and the other for spring, autumn and winter. It is easier than Kimono.
It’s easy how to distinguish!
It choose one that is the cool, light and breathable in summer. In other seasons, it choose one that is not transparent(fabric).

 The Obi-scarf(obi-age) is also choosing the same way to Obi.

Kimono is the same as clothes, they change a sense of the season depending on the materials and colors used.
Please try to check yours if you have!