Where do you go when you come to Kyoto?

i'm KOTO^^

Where do you go when you come to Kyoto?
Kyoto is home to not only famous shrines and temples, but also wonderful residences like this one.


This time we will be introducing a store located about 10 minutes by car from the KOTO store. This is a mansion called "AKITUSHIMA” located upstream of the Kamogawa River.



The 800 residence was renovated over a period of 8 years, including the building and garden. In fact, the owner runs a school that trains international individuals who can play an active role overseas, and this mansion was built as a clubhouse for the school.



The interior of the store is adorned with furniture that the owner has collected from all over the world.


Each piece is unique and worth seeing.


My favorite is this room by the river.



This tea room also serves tea to international students.


I'd like to take a bath someday...a bath with a view of the garden.



You can feel very elegant just by carefully examining the furniture.


The cuisine you can enjoy at this establishment is a French course meal prepared by a top-notch chef.

It is also possible to rent out the mansion for parties.


In other words, Kyoto is not just about shrines and temples.
Please come and experience a different side of Kyoto.


May today be a day full of smiles...