What is the main hall of Sensoji Temple made of?

Hello. This is Koto Kyoto.

The other day, I went to Tokyo for work for the first time in a while.


Since I visited the famous Asakusa, I also stopped by Sensoji Temple.



If you've ever been to Tokyo, you've probably visited Sensoji Temple.
Do you know what the main hall of Sensoji Temple is made of?

I think many people assume it is made of wood like other Japanese temples...
In fact, it is made of reinforced concrete.

Throughout its history, Sensoji Temple has been destroyed many times due to fires and earthquakes. To protect this precious temple in case of future fires, advanced technology was used to construct it with reinforced concrete.

Additionally, the beautifully curved roof is made of steel tiles instead of clay tiles, making it extremely lightweight.

When you visit Sensoji Temple, please take a close look.
I'm sure you'll experience a different kind of splendor.

Currently, cherry blossoms have bloomed in Kyoto, marking the cherry blossom viewing season.
Next time, I will talk to you about cherry blossoms.