Jidai Matsuri Fsetival

Jidai Matsuri, or the Festival of Ages, is held on October 22nd every year.

At 12:00 noon, the festival procession starts from the Kyoto Gosho, the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and arrives at Heian-jingu at 14:30.

It is a festival that showcases a costume procession from the Heian period to the Meiji period.
The procession takes you back in time, starting from the Meiji period and going through the Azuchi-Momoyama, the Muromachi, and the Heian Period when the capital was founded in Kyoto.

About 2000 people parade dressed in authentic costumes representing various periods and characters from Japanese feudal history, covering a distance of about 5 km over a span of 3 hours.

The procession line itself is about 2 km long. The procession lasts nearly two hours.


If you want to find a good place to see the parade, you should arrive at least one hour earlier.