Harvest Prayers(jyugoya)

Harvest Prayers
Autumn moon viewing, or tsukimi, has long been a popular pastime in Japan. Traditionally it was a way of expressing gratitude for a good harvest and hopes for similar bounty in the future.

On the old lunar calendar, the full moon appeared on the fifteenth night of each month.The date is different every year,and it's on September 29th this year.

The best night in the year for observing the celestial body is said to be the fifteenth night of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, known as jūgoya no tsukimi.


Moon-Viewing Decorations
The place where people gather to view the moon, such as a veranda or window, is known as the tsukimidai. It is traditionally decorated with such offerings as rice dumplings called tsukimi-dango and produce like taro as well as susuki, or pampas grass.


We were able to see a very beautiful full moon in Kyoto this year as well.
Can you see it in your country?