year-end cleaning


In Japan it is tradiitonal to welcome the new year, by cleaning the house throroughly.

This is not just regular cleaning and we need to clean everywhere in the house.It also has a special meaning for the Japanese tradition.

 We actually have a new year deity and if we clean the house before the new year, people believe that it will bring happiness, health and wealth to us.



For example
I replace the paper on my Shoji screen every year when I do a big cleanup.


Shoji screens are traditional Japanese partitions used to separate Japanese rooms.
 It is a light wooden frame covered with washi paper, and is mainly used to maintain privacy or to separate rooms.
It also plays a role in regulating lighting and natural light to make it gently oscillate. Therefore, it is used in meditation spaces, relaxation areas, and situations where you want to make use of Japanese-style interiors.
Thanks to its beautiful design, it can be incorporated into modern interiors.




It is customary to clean up at the end of the year in Japan. 
This means to get rid of dirt of the year and get ready to welcome a new year with fresh feelings.

Wouldn't you like to do some deep cleaning and start the new year with a fresh feeling?