Zoom Domestic vegetables/Seasoning mix for sushi 150G
Zoom Domestic vegetables/Seasoning mix for sushi 150G

Domestic vegetables/Seasoning mix for sushi 150G


Domestic vegetables (carrots, lotus roots, shiitake mushrooms)Unbleached dried gourds made with domestic yugao fruit、Gomoku chirashizushi made with ingredients such as deep-fried domestic soybeans and finished with "Echizen Benigo Organic Pure Rice Vinegar", which uses domestically grown rice organically grown with natural water.

Sugar is sugar from Hokkaido, soy sauce is soy sauce made from domestic whole soybeans, and salt is less umami, bringing out the umami of domestic vegetables.

Just by mixing it with rice, you can easily enjoy a full-fledged “chirashi sushi” with a gentle sourness, a mellow taste, and an elegant and gorgeous aroma
We value the taste of the ingredients and do not use any chemical seasonings or preservatives.

The soybeans used for deep-fried tofu and soy sauce, which are raw materials, are managed separately from production and distribution to prevent contamination with genetically modified organisms.

This product is for 2 go (2 to 3 servings).

【raw materials(Origin: Japan)
Vegetables [carrot, lotus root, shiitake mushroom, sugar: [beet (produced in Hokkaido)], organic rice vinegar, fried tofu [contains soybeans], salt, soy sauce [contains soybeans and wheat], kanpyo, dried bonito extract, yeast extract



1、Cook freshly cooked rice (about 5 to 6 go in a bowl: about 700g) or 2 go of rice, transfer to a large bowl, and put the ingredients in the bag on top of the rice.

2、Mix the rice while it is hot and cool it with a paper fan.

3、Arrange it in another vessel and it's done. If you like, add thinly sliced ​​egg, mitsuba, shrimp, etc. to make it even more delicious.




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Domestic vegetables/Seasoning mix for sushi 150G