Zoom PROHERB EM Body Shampoo (500ml)

PROHERB EM Body Shampoo (500ml)


Body shampoo containing persimmon, tea extract. Wash gently with propolis and natural vegetable ingredients to make it a Suwebube body.


Propolis extract (natural moisturizing ingredients) formulated / non-silicon

8HARB (glycyrrhiza/jojoba/peach leaf/persimmon/aloe/coconut/houttuynia/tea)

The ingredients to wash is vegetable with little irritation. Use coconut oil-based cleaning ingredients that are friendly to your skin and hair. Easily irritated skin can be washed gently every day. Drop only excess sebum and dirt, leave necessary moisture, wash it moistly.

Moisturizing skin with plant extracts to the skin. Combine the same plant extract (moisturizing ingredients · skin conditioning ingredients) as those included in skin care. Moisturizing the skin moisturizes the dryness of the bath as it moisturizes it.

To the glossy texture of skin. By suppressing inflammation and acting as a plant ingredient to prepare the texture of your skin, it leads to a shiny body.

The holding deadline is unopened for 2 years · It is about half a year after opening.

Precautions for use: Please use carefully with your skin whether any abnormality has occurred. When cosmetics do not fit the scalp, please discontinue use in the following cases. If you continue to use cosmetics as it is, it will worsen the symptoms, so we recommend you to consult with a dermatologist etc.

① When abnormalities such as red aki, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss (vitiligo etc.) or black spots appear during use ② When the abnormality like the above appears in the scalp used when direct sunlight hits.

Please do not use it for parts with abnormalities such as scars, swelling, eczema etc. Please rinse immediately when it gets in your eyes.

Storage and Handling Precautions: Be sure to close the lid tightly after use. Please keep out of reach of children. Do not store in extremely high or low temperature places, direct sunlight.

Purified water / coconut fatty acid K / cocamide DEA / cocamidopropyl betaine / lauryl betail / cocoyl methyl taurine Na / coconut fatty acid arginine / propolis extract / honey / jojoba seed oil / glycyrrhizic acid 2K peach leaf extract / tea leaf extract / docomanda extract / Aloe vera leaf extract / oyster tannin / cocoamphoacetate Na / BG / damask rose flower oil / orange oil / lactate Na / hydroxide K / lauramine oxide / sodium chloride / phenoxyethanol / octoxyglycerin / pentetoic acid 5 Na / ethanol

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PROHERB EM Body Shampoo (500ml)