【Received the Grand Prize in the Kyoto Haori Contest】


 【Received the Grand Prize in the Kyoto Haori Contest】

This time, we won the highest award in the "Kyoto Haori Contest", which solicits ideas for new clothing "Haori" to be sent from Kyoto to the world.


While keeping the basic shape of the kimono, I used tweed fabric, which became a trend from the winter of 2022 to the spring of 2023, to create a Chanel jacket that every woman wants to wear at least once.


By setting the shoulder position lower than a normal haori and creating a drop position, I was able to achieve trendy drop sleeves. Additionally, the sleeves of the kimono were designed with the image of puff sleeves on clothes.


Taking this opportunity, we will continue our activities to promote the wearing of kimonos and haoris not only as traditional Japanese clothing, but also as a part of everyday clothing, food, and shelter.


Through our products, we hope to foster cultural understanding and contribute to a more peaceful world.