The Plum Blossoms are Blooming in Kyoto!

If you're in Kyoto, you may have seen beautiful flowers like these. They are plum (ume) blossoms.

The plum blossoms of Japan's ancient capital are exceptionally beautiful in February and March when they signal the coming of spring. Their brilliant white, red, and pink flowers add color throughout Kyoto.

plum blossoms in Kyoto, Japan. Photo by  Eva Elijas from Pexels.

Some shrines and temples have events in their compounds, where you get to see the plum blossoms at their best.

Plum blossoms in Kyoto, Japan. Photo by Tomoko Deguchi on Unsplash.

On the weekends, you'll see people bumping into each other as they look through their phones while taking photos. Meanwhile, in the evenings, friends gather under the trees for a chilly but enjoyable outdoor drinking party.

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