Autumn in Kyoto "Autumn leaf viewing."

Hello everyone,
this is KOTO Kyoto.

The peak of the autumn leaves season in Kyoto now.

We can see really beautiful autumn leaves in various places.

After the relaxation of immigration restrictions to Japan from mid-October, many tourists come to Kyoto from foreign countries. Now, Kyoto is crowded with them.

 We also went to see the autumn leaves last week.

We visited to,
"Eikando" ⇒ "Nanzen-ji Temple" ⇒ "Heian Jingu Shrine"
Those who love Kyoto know that these places can be visited on foot in one day. It takes less than 5 minutes to walk from "Eikando" to "Nanzen-ji Temple."

We think one of the charms of Kyoto is that it is packed with tourists spots.


Especially, "Eikando" is a famous place for autumn leaves.


The autumn leaves garden is so beautiful.



The bright red leaves are so beautiful.



Looking down,

it looks like a carpet of autumn leaves.



It's not just the garden that's great.
It can also visit the precincts and see many cultural propertied there.



Please stop by when you will come to Kyoto.
They are waiting for such a cute Kannon.