A happy new year!

Happy new year!

We hope you'll stick with us for this year as well, everyone.

KOTO want to cherish the relationship between people again this year, we went to the biggest shrine "Izumo-Taisha" in Japan. Izumo Taisha enshrines Okuninushi no Okami, the deity of marriage. Marriage refers not only to men and women, but to all the ties that surround people.


A grand property, the best part...



This shimenawa rope.


At Izumo Taisha, it has been customary to place the left side at the top and the right side at the bottom, so it is also characteristic that the way to hang shimenawa is the opposite of that of a general shrine.



We also prayed for KOTO's bracelet.
This should have increased the power.


We will continue to deliver wonderful ties from Kyoto, Japan this year.