New Year decoration

【new year decoration】

 Kadomatsu and shimekazari are traditional Japanese ornaments for New Year’s Day. They are placed in pairs in front of houses, shops, hotels, and others to welcome Toshigami-sama, a deity of harvest and ancestral spirits. Also, it’s believed to ward off evil spirits.



In Kyoto, "Shimekazari" is displayed in front of the gates.

"Nebiki no matsu" will be displayed at the entrance.


Nebikimatsu is a tree that is displayed at old houses, shrines and temples in Kyoto as a yorishiro to welcome the god of the year during the New Year. The shape of the tree with its roots still attached symbolizes the wish to ``keep growing'' and ``keep one's feet firmly planted on the ground.'' A common way to decorate a branch is to wrap washi paper around the base of the branch and tie a mizuhiki string.



Are you ready for the New Year?

Well then, I hope everyone has a happy new year.