Umeboshi (Japanese Pickled Apricot)

Hello, this is Koto Kyoto.
How are you doing?

Anyway, we think that your country also has the taste of mother’s home cooking.
In Japan, one such thing is “Umeboshi”.




Have you eaten it?

Umeboshi is a Japanese pickled apricot and it is a traditional Japanese food that has been passed down since ancient times.
It is used for rice balls(Onigiri) and lunch boxes, and we also use it to prevent sickness, so we always bring it with us when traveling.


We will briefly introduce how to make Umeboshi.

First, wash the ripe apricot around June and remove the part of the shaft called Oheso, and then, wipe off the water thoroughly and salt it.



If they put a heavy stone on it and salt the Umeboshi, they will get a clear soup like this. Rub this soup into red perilla.

If they became this condition, next, pickle the Umeboshi in this red perilla.



Place red perilla and apricot in order and cover the apricot with red perilla.
And then add the soup and put a heavy stone on it to pickle it again.
Until the apricots turn red, soak them until the hottest time of summer…,



then dry for 3 days and 3 nights.
They will be such a beautiful red!


After drying, reattach it to red perilla(pickled) and it’s done.
At my home, I don’t return to perilla at this time, but pickle it with dried bonito and honey.
We have various methods depending on the home.

Finally, the Umeboshi are completed.

Umeboshi made with such time and effort.

The EC site sells Umeboshi made from chemical-free Ume(apricot).

chemical-free Ume →★★★

chemical-free Ume with honey →★★★


Eating two to three Umeboshi a day will restore your appetite and prevent summer heat fatigue.
It’s very good for your body, so please give it to try!