Japan's year-end event TOSHIKOSHI SOBA


This is KOTO.

December 31 (Thursday)
Today is the last day of 2020.
This year has been a tough year all over the world, but I am truly grateful to have welcomed today with safe health.


December 31st is called New Year's Eve in Japan. It is customary to eat TOSHIKOSHI (Over the year) SOBA ( Buckwheat)  at the annual New Year's Eve event.

The reason for eating TOSHIKOSHI SOBA is

1. To live longer
You can eat it hoping that you can live it as thin and long as SOBA.

 2. Cut down this year's bad luck and wish you good luck next year
SOBA is easy to cut, so it is said that the New Year will come after cutting off the hardships and bad luck of this year.

3. Get Money luck
It is said that old gold and silver craftsmen used buckwheat flour to collect gold and silver that were scattered in the craft. It was said that "collecting gold with SOBA" would increase your fortune.

4.Hoping for no inllness and disaster
Even if the buckwheat is exposed to the wind and rain, it will recover if it is exposed to sunlight. Like such soba, We Hope that we will be strong and recover over and over again.


In addition, the ingredients contained in the SOBA also have an important meaning. Shrimp tempura is a symbol of longevity, fried tofu is a symbol of prosperous business, etc. Each ingredient expresses hope for the new year.


Hoping that next year will be a lucky year, we will have TOSHIKOSHI SOBA.

We hope you all have a happy new year !!